Archives for February 5, 2024

Mitacs funding to facilitate connection between industry and DSI Summer Undergraduate Data Science students

by Sara Elhawash

In today’s data-driven world, organizations face the challenge of effectively utilizing data to advance their work. Through new research funding awarded to the Data Sciences Institute (DSI) by Mitacs, DSI will connect industry with the next generation of data science leaders for Data-driven Decisions & Discovery: Innovation for Transformative Impact. The umbrella funding for 30 research internships is a reflection of the commitment by both DSI and Mitacs to equip industry and organizations, researchers and students with opportunities and skills needed to harness the power of data in real world applications.  

Mitacs, a national non-profit research organization that fosters growth and innovation, will enable academic and industry research collaborations through research internship opportunities for students in DSI’s Summer Undergraduate Data Science (SUDS) program. Mitacs funds matches industry contributions to provide stipends for students who will also participate in the SUDS data science bootcamp and professional development programming. This is an opportunity for organizations to access data science students for research internships at a rate subsidized by Mitacs.   

“DSI values the collaboration with industry and organizations,” says Professor Laura Rosella, DSI Associate Director of Education and Training. “These partnerships enrich the academic experience for students and provide our partners with access to cutting-edge research and emerging talent.”  

The four-month SUDS program provides students with data science training throughout the summer. Students engaged in industry projects benefit from participation in SUDS programming, focusing on career growth and professional development. Scholars actively take part in sessions that cover topics from scientific abstract writing to effective networking, as well as presenting their work at the SUDS Showcase in August.  

“The Institute’s collaborative environment empowers partners to make informed decisions and implement data science solutions in their operations and presents them with the opportunity to tap into a pool of skilled interns who contribute fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and immediate value to ongoing projects,” says Sumaiya Hossain, DSI’s Partnership & Business Development Officer. “We support organizations for the Mitacs application process, and our MITACS umbrella award allows for a quick timeline from application to funding notifications.” 

As DSI continues to build bridges between academia and industry, the Institute is shaping the future of data science and contributing to the broader goal of advancing data science for societal benefit. “Our goal,” says Sumaiya “is to ensure that data science work has a real-world impact. By connecting with external partners, we facilitate a two-way exchange of knowledge and expertise.”  

Together, industry and scholars can turn data into decisions, ideas into innovations, and dreams into reality. DSI offers an exhilarating vision of a brighter, data-driven future, where collaboration, innovation and talent development converge. 

Learn more about the DSI Mitacs Accelerate funding here.