SUDS Internships

During the SUDS program, interns work on meaningful projects while also participating in data science skills bootcamps, networking and professional development activities as part of the SUDS Cohort Program. Interns showcase their project outcomes at the SUDS Research Day in mid-August, providing a platform for private sector companies to connect with emerging data science talent.  
The internships take place from May-August. Participating companies are not bound by any restrictions on the number of internships or projects they submit within this program.  

Cost: To take advantage of this opportunity, companies provide a CAD $10,000 cash contribution per intern to the DSI (from this, the intern will receive $7,200 as salary for the duration of the internship, and $2,800 for SUDS cohort programming).  

A faculty member can be added to the project to provide expert support (at an additional cost of $3,000). DSI facilitates finding a faculty member for the project. This is a great opportunity to build potential long-term relationships with researchers at the University, and engage in larger projects.   

Key Dates for SUDS Internships 2024 
January – early April: Partners identify projects and provide brief descriptions.    
February-early April: Projects advertised to SUDS applicants for interest  
February– early Apr: Student selection    
Start of May: Internship kicks off with a Data Science Bootcamp    

Interested in hiring undergraduate interns and benefiting from this program? 

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