Emergent Data Sciences & Initiatives 

Emergent Data Sciences and initiatives represent areas of research focus for the DSI that are drawn from the DSI community. The DSI encourages innovative data science methodology development and application in these areas by offering support and funding for programming and initiatives. 

Emergent Data Sciences

Supporting emergent areas of data science is a core activity of the Data Sciences Institute (DSI) that helps to fulfil its mission of bringing people together for collaborative generation and application of new ideas in the data sciences.


The University of Toronto Mississauga and the University of Toronto Scarborough lead in two tri-campus initiatives to encourage research activity in Responsible Data Science and Computational and Quantitative Social Science, respectively. Each focuses on community- and capacity-building, as well as seed funding for research and training opportunities.

Thematic Programs

A proportion of DSI funding and support is earmarked for Collaborative Research Teams (CRTs) engaged in research in a Thematic Program.