Mitacs Accelerate SUDS Research Internships

Call for Expression of Interest for Summer 2024 research Internships! 

Does your organization need data science interns? DSI is pleased to support you and help leverage your funding.   

With dedicated funding from Mitacs, DSI works to support companies and organizations that can offer Summer Undergraduate Data Science (SUDS) research internships in the theme of Data-driven Decisions & Discovery: Innovation for Transformative Impact. SUDS students engage in a 4-month internship that run from May to August. 

Mitacs is a national research internship program that supports collaboration between faculty, an industry partner, and an intern.


  • Industry partners: Canadian for-profits, not-for-profits, hospitals and municipalities 
  • Undergraduate students from the University of Toronto 
  • Faculty supervisors at the University of Toronto  


1:1 Matching for partner funds: Mitacs matches partner funding for a total of CAD $15,000 for each internship. 


Partner contribution  


Mitacs contribution  


Total internship budget 


*Students receive $10,000 for the internship, and the remaining $5,000 is dedicated for data science training, etc.

  • Mitacs application – DSI offers comprehensive proposal writing support to create a compelling research project proposal.   
  • SUDS intern recruitment and selection 
  • Matchmaking of partners with faculty members to provide expert support on research projects. 

  • Acknowledgement as an industry partner on the DSI website.  
  • Participation in SUDS Research Day – network with faculty and students from across the DSI community.  

DSI’s SUDS programming provides interns with a full set of data sciences skills training, professional development and networking opportunities.  

Interns, partner organizations, and faculty members are invited to the DSI SUDS Showcase in August where interns have the opportunity to present on their work during the summer.

Important dates for Summer 2024:

Express of interest
Deadline extended – early April
Project posted to SUDS student applicants
March 11-18, 2024
Companies receive student applications & CVs
March 20, 2024
Company interviews students (scheduled by DSI staff)
March 22-28, 2024
Mitacs proposals completed with research project and selected student
April 4, 2024
Mitacs review
April 8-30, 2024
Projects Begin
May 2024

Together, we can turn data into decisions, ideas into innovations, and dreams into reality.  

We are accepting Expression of Interest forms for the Summer 2024 Research Internships. Apply here.  

Contact for further information or to schedule a call