Archives for March 11, 2022

Applications open for Data Access Grants

Grants of up to $10,000 are available to cover costs associated with accessing and working with large data sources. These DSI grants aim to improve data accessibility for data science researchers and foster research by mitigating the high cost of access to data sets. We believe that equitable access to resources is crucial for creating a diverse and inclusive environment.

Deadline for applications: April 29

Applications open for Seed Funding for Methodologists

This Seed Funding is designed to encourage new collaborations between data science methodologists and theorists with applied researchers. Single applicants working in data sciences methodology or theory can apply. An applicant’s research area should focus on data sciences methodology or theory with the potential to be relevant to applied fields.

Applicants will present their research and methodology/theory at a seminar, including its potential for applied fields. Funds of up to $10,000 can be used over 8 months to support successful applicants to seed a new Collaborative Research Team with the aim of applying for a DSI Catalyst Grant.

Deadline for applications: April 14