Data Sciences Café

** Please note: The Data Sciences Café has ended for 2022-2023.
The information below is being left up for reference. Please stay tuned
for updates. **

The Department of Statistical Sciences and the Data Sciences Institute host a weekly Data Sciences Café. We meet once a week for coffee and provide statistical advice to non-statisticians on how to best analyze their specific data.

Book a consultation: If you are a U of T student or junior faculty in need of statistical advice for your research project, please get in touch. No matter your field of study, we’d love to hear from you. Fill out this form to book a consultation. 

Join us: Beginning September 29, 2022, anyone interested in data analysis and data sciences is welcome to join us for our weekly sessions. Just drop in, no registration is required. 

Who: Researchers, working on a project or experiment, who need advice on performing the right statistical analysis on their data and anyone interested in data sciences. 


  • Each week, one (non-statistical) researcher working on a project or experiment, who needs some advice, will spend 15-20 minutes presenting their project, to provide some insight into their research.
  • Afterward, a small team of faculty, graduate and (strong, senior) undergraduate students, studying statistics/data science will provide statistical advice to the researcher(s) on how to best analyze their specific data.
  • This will be followed by a 30-minute statistics consultation session.

When: Drop in Thursdays from 1:10 pm to 2:15 pm

Where: 9th Floor, Room 9195/9199, 700 University Avenue

Please contact Sam Caetano: with any follow-up questions.

Coffee and light snacks will be provided.