DSI Presents, Carpentries @ UofT: Tidy Data

Join us for an informative session on managing and organizing data in spreadsheets. You will learn how to use spreadsheet programs for data organization, handling formatting problems, understanding dates as data, implementing basic quality assurance and control techniques, exporting data from spreadsheets, and exploring caveats of popular data and file formats. The session will be led by Kaelen Bennett from TALint Student, Collection Development Department University of Toronto Library, and David Kwasny, Digital Projects & Technologies Librarian at University of Toronto Scarborough Library. 

The Data Carpentries Workshop is an in-person event that is open to members of the University of Toronto and DSI external funding partners . 


This session requires working copies of the data, linked below, as well as a working spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice, or another program (see below). To most effectively use these materials, install everything before working through this lesson. Please note that the instructor will be using Microsoft Excel, therefore it might be easier to follow along using the same platform, but other alternatives listed below are welcomed.  

For more information: https://librarycarpentry.org/lc-spreadsheets/00-intro.html 

Registrants are required to bring a personal laptop for the session. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your data management skills.  

November 16, 2023 
1:00-5:00 pm 

700 University Ave 
10th floor Seminar Rm 

 Limited seats available. Reserve your spot today!